Journey into Justice

Redemption, salvation, and God's mission to restore justice

Under orders from the King

God’s mission has always been to do justice for us. Jesus’ mission was to be the instrument of God’s justice for all humanity.

Our mission is to multiply Jesus’ mission throughout the world, in as many lives as will answer God’s call.

The last thing Jesus had told his followers was to make disciples among all the world’s peoples. The first thing he said to them after he rose from the dead was “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

He gave the gift of God’s peace – a shalom peace radically different than anything the world has to offer. And the one sent to “proclaim justice to the nations” gave his followers a mission, just as the Father gave him.

If you are going to understand your mission, you first must understand Jesus’ mission.

We already have seen that Jesus said he came, not to be served, but to serve others, and to give his life as a ransom for all of us broken souls held captive by God’s enemy. God’s children had disobeyed, gotten lost, and fallen under the power of someone very evil; Jesus came for a rescue mission.

The devil’s work is kidnapping and destroying lives. The Son of God came to destroy the devil’s work. He came to give life in all its fullness to people whose lives were being destroyed.

In our selfish pursuit to be gods, we had rebelled against the King and made ourselves his enemies. Jesus gave his life so we could be reconciled to God. Not only would we no longer be his enemies, now we would be adopted back into his family so we could experience his life-giving love and enjoy the kind of peace only God can give.

But God is far from finished with us when we are reconciled to him and begin to experience the kind of life we were created to enjoy. It’s not enough that justice has been done for me. God has other lost children who have rebelled and made themselves his enemies. He doesn’t want anyone to keep suffering in captivity. He doesn’t want any other lives to be destroyed.

So the King of Light appoints us as ambassadors and sends us on a mission into the Kingdom of Darkness. As ambassadors, we carry a message for others who have alienated themselves from our King: “Be reconciled to God!”

“You can be free and live in the light!” is the best news ever for people held captive in darkness. Lost children yearn to hear the words “You can be restored into the Father’s family.”

As the King’s ambassadors, disciples of Jesus have the great privilege – a responsibility specifically assigned to them by God – of delivering the message of freedom and peace, of metanoeo and new life. We have a mandate to do justice for brothers and sisters who are being oppressed. We have the assignment of making new disciples, who walk in God’s ways and multiply God’s justice into other broken lives.

We experience the joy of introducing them to the full, free, and forever life only Jesus offers.

Think about it
In what ways could you see your mission in life as multiplying Jesus’ mission throughout the world?

When you think about the different ways people’s lives are broken, which one would you most like to help change?

Concrete purpose
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Next chapter: ‘What must I do?’


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