Journey into Justice

Redemption, salvation, and God's mission to restore justice

God’s agenda is rescue

God’s beloved children had turned their backs on him and walked away.

Some of us understand all too well what a father or mother feels when our precious child ignores our loving counsel and chooses evil over good. She cuts herself off from our care. We watch her suffer the awful consequences of bad choices. Perhaps she even falls under the control of someone who abuses and exploits her.

It breaks your heart, and you will not rest until the two of you are reconciled and she is restored to a life that is full and free. The deepest desire of your heart is to rescue her.

That is no small task, and if you are God and the wayward child is the entire human race, no small solution will suffice.

God’s agenda is rescue – restoration of our broken lives and chaotic world to the peace he originally intended. His mission is nothing less than bringing us all back, full circle, to the lives of peace and justice he created us to enjoy.

Coming full circle is the literal definition of ‘revolution,’ and revolution is precisely what God is up to in the world – and in your life.

Evil rules this world because broken children are bent on stubborn self-seeking. God’s enemy is determined to steal and destroy our lives. We enslave ourselves to that enemy by believing the attractive lie. Each one of us is trying to save his own life, and we only fall farther into the brokenness and captivity.

We need someone to rescue us. Someone who is stronger than the chaos and darkness that overwhelm us. Someone who is strong enough to restore true peace and justice in our lives.

Who better to do that than the God who created the peace and justice in the first place?

God’s mission is to rescue his lost children from their slavery – to rescue us from ourselves and restore our lives. Each child rescued and restored brings the whole world one step closer to the harmony God created in the first place. Each rescued and restored child joins the ranks of revolutionaries God is using to undermine the power of evil in the world.

Each child will walk with God the way Adam and Eve did in the Garden. Each child will love mercy and do justice. In the Bible’s original language, ‘mercy’ is an attitude of unconditional, unchanging compassion for others; ‘justice’ is when everything is the way God intends it to be.

Loving mercy and doing justice means giving ourselves wholeheartedly to the hard work of helping God’s lost children find freedom and experience the shalom peace the God of Justice created them to enjoy.

Most people in the world know nothing of God’s shalom peace and justice. In the poorest quarters of the earth, families scrape to survive and children die of easily preventable diseases. Behind closed doors, women, girls, and boys are treated like slaves and abused for the pleasure of selfish men. Even in the richest neighborhoods, “more” is never “enough” and the abundance of possessions never satisfies.

Even in the midst of great wealth, we can still be enslaved.

Think about it
How would a parent feel if their child fell into a destructive lifestyle?

What would a parent give up for that child to be saved and restored?

The sounds of war echo in the children’s ears
With dirt on her face, the small girl shyly approached the crowd holding a pack of lighters for sale. Barely reaching the height of an adult’s waist, she glanced upward at passersby asking in Arabic if they would purchase one of her multicolored lighters. When asked how old she was, she responded shyly that she was 4. Click here to read more.

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