Journey into Justice

Redemption, salvation, and God's mission to restore justice

Index: GETTING REAL stories

1   LoveLoud in New Orleans

2   More than income for her family

3   Don’t give up the fight against trafficking!

4   The sounds of war echo in the children’s ears

5   Helping Wichita’s families in crisis

6   Practical skills and life lessons in Tibet

7   ‘Railway boys’ in India find a home

8   True life transformation for impoverished girls

9   Safe house

10   ‘Here we are, dying from hunger …’

11   Life on Nairobi’s streets: Oscar’s story

12   Behind the lens in Thailand’s red light districts

13   Concrete purpose

14   A life of freedom for beggar girls

15   Sierra Leone: War Widows for Christ

16    ‘Feminized poverty’ afflicts millions worldwide

17   Time as money

18   A touch of hope for India’s untouchables

19   This mother gives away her children

20   A dream comes true: Feeding his family


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