Journey into Justice

Redemption, salvation, and God's mission to restore justice

About the book

Why are so many Christians reluctant to get personally involved in Kingdom mission?  Why do pastors have such a hard time getting church members even to share their faith and practice other spiritual disciplines, much less wade into the messy business of helping broken people make their way toward freedom in Christ?

There are, no doubt, many factors involved, but “Journey into Justice” suggests something virtually never discussed:  Many Christians don’t understand salvation in the context of what the Bible has to say about our redemption from slavery and God’s requirement that his people walk in his ways.  We don’t understand that God requires us to do justice for others because doing justice in a lost world is his mission — and he has done justice for us, at a cost we cannot begin to comprehend.  No one “connected the dots” for us that individual salvation is hardwired with joining God’s mission to set people free from spiritual and physical oppression.

We believe “Journey into Justice” provides a better framework than many of us have had for understanding salvation and discipleship, that it explains how doing justice is inseparable from the Gospel, in ways most of us have never dreamed.

This book is presented as an on-line publication because that maximizes the reader’s ability to click through to related information.  In a traditional paper book, much more information would have had to be packed into the text, obscuring the key points of the book and requiring much more time to read.  An e-book version of “Journey into Justice” is available in PDF format, which increases portability for the book while still providing interactivity with on-line resources.  The PDF can be read in a Kindle reader, but the Web links may not work.

“Journey into Justice” is published by Multiply Justice!, an initiative that seeks to mobilize Christians into God’s mission of restoring justice for his lost children.  The book’s author, Mark Kelly, is the Multiply Justice! editor and publisher.  This site is closed to comments, but you can interact with us on the book’s Facebook page.


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